January 3, 2016

I Like Cooking the Way I Want

I like cooking without guide, and I think it’s because I like to be on top of things. The food I cook is always cooked depending on my own tastes and health issues. I found out about cooking from scratch when I began reading labels on processed foods – the chemical soup we eat when we purchase packed foods was incredible. Some of the chemicals might be advantageous and even delicious, but I cling to the foods that have had compeers of human analysis. When I find a food that I like, I cook it the way I want it, I sometimes omit the ingredients from it that I’m not familiar with or I don’t like.

Amazingly, my version commonly turns out better. I put in far less salt and sugar than most commercially ready foods. One of the best externalities that have one can get from cooking the way you want it is that that grocery bill is considerably abridged.

December 9, 2015

It’s Always for My Own Good

I’ve often heard people say that something is for one’s own good. Whether it’s discipline, flu shots, stitches, I’ve heard that line used so many times. Now I call it as paying my dues.

Living life exposes us to so many kinds of hurt. There are people who are intentionally hurtful. There are people who are hurtful but they don’t know it. There are things that may also hurt us. But we will not be able to experience them if we lived sheltered and secluded lives. But then again, even that may hurt us in another sense. Altogether, these things are growing pains and while we are living, I doubt there’s ever a chance that we won’t earn these battle scars.

So I guess the only option is for us to just keep battling it on. We have to get up and dust ourselves off and take these lessons as growing pains and nothing more than that.

November 5, 2015

My One True Dream

I really don’t want fame or too much fortune. I prefer living a simple but a happy life. Although if there is something that I can ask and be granted is for me to be able to walk down the aisle wearing a wedding gown.

I am only married but in front of a judge, or what we call civil wedding. We have been married for 4 years now and has 2 lovely sons. I’ve always dream about the day that I get to say I do in the eyes of the Lord inside the church. I have been gathering different ideas everyday. I not only want to be wed in a church for me but I also want it for my father. I want him to see me and hold me as I walk down the aisle.

I have been telling my husband about it and he tells me that I only need to pray to make it happen. I know he is right and I cant wait for the day where my ultimate wish will come true.

October 15, 2015

Meeting New Friends at Gathering

I rarely meet new friends after I decided to work from home. So, when there is an event from my publisher where most authors gathering, I went there. I met new friends; all of them are talented authors. I never knew that I will go to the stage for an interview with my readers. I like meeting new friends. Although they are from around the country; I still being able to connect with them.

I don’t like to go public, but if meeting new friends is the price, I think I will go public more often. I can have the experience. I never knew that I am being loved by my reader. I know that I have devoted readers, I just didn’t realize how much. The readers motivated me to write more quality books for them. I just wish that I will be able to satisfy all of them. Although, liking one book is one prerogative, I just wish that my reader is able to see the moral story behind the novel.

September 4, 2015

My Idea of Heaven

Kids will always be curious about a lot of things, they always ask us brilliant questions that make us pause for a moment and think, but you always find yourself stuck on how to deliver your answer without giving too much that triggers them to ask a series of questions later. You always have to give them answers that make them imagine things in a different and beautiful kind of way.

How would you describe heaven for them? Some kids talks about death. I for one have asked that question like a million times and I should be prepared to answer this to my own kid in the future. Most kids especially toddlers to pre-school would view death as something temporary, people die but they will be reincarnated to another life. Heaven is different, we all have our own ideas about heaven; mine back then was being up in the clouds and I would be lying down in a pillow of fluffy clouds. Some kids would view them as a place full of chocolates and candies.

Whatever it is heaven is somewhere special, where we live in peace. Don’t imply your thoughts directly on your kids, let them think magically.
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